Architecture & Permitting Services

Our clients come to Abkons with their ideas and plans. Our team excels in translating their ideas and concrete, implementable projects.

Abkons has always seen architecture as a vehicle for change in or cities and urban landscapes. Our team’s projects are always focusing on innovation and setting new standards of planning and design. Our core team of architects and urban planners work closely with a wide-ranging network of experts, associations, and construction companies in order to be able to stay tuned with any new developments happening in the sector. Furthermore, Abkons has established and consolidated a working partnership with a number of prestigious universities and faculties in architecture and urban planning, allowing it to identify the best talent early and have access to a pool of future architects and urban planners from throughout the region.

From preliminary to detailed design, from applying the highest standards of safety and energy efficiency, from restoration and large-scale urban planning and construction permits, our team can offer the most efficient and high-quality service to all our clients and investors.

Flagship projects:

Preliminary, Detailed Design and Construction Permit Residential Complex Primavera

E&F Construction

Design Development of the "Nordex Blade Albania Plant"

Nordex GmbH

Preliminary & Detailed Design Residential Complex Farke

Blessed Investment

Conceptual Architectural and Master-plan Design for Ionian Heaven Resort, Konispol

Jonian Heaven Group

Architectural Project Idea and additional documentation for a 5-star hotel

55 Invest

Preliminary Conceptual Design for a Resort Masterplan, Kepi i Lerёs, Jalё

Private Investor

Legal and Technical Supporting Services for TAP Permitting Activities

Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Construction Permit Consultancy for Jet A1 Fuel Deposits

Private Client