With over 30 in-house services, a dedicated team of experts, a consolidated network of partners, and a regional dimension, Abkons has played a crucial role in the implementation of many of the most important projects in the region. Its contribution has not been limited to the private sector.

Through its work and cooperation with public institutions, Abkons has played an important role in reforming the legislation and regulations in many strategic sectors, improving the performance, and consolidating the capacities of the public administration.

One special area in which its services are unrivaled is in guiding its clients to work in adherence to the highest international standards of project implementation, thus facilitating not just the efficient implementation of the projects, but also the applications for licenses and permits, and financing from International Financial Institutions.

Abkons offers an ever-expanding consulting services to its clients. Our aim is to offer 360-degree coverage to our clients on all they need because we believe that only by having dedicated teamwork on the complex projects our clients invest in, can we guarantee their success and the best value for their money. 

Environmental, Social and Cultural Heritage

• ESIA/EIA and additional studies, Critical Habitat Assessment, Appropriate Assessment, etc.
• Environmental and Social Due diligence, E&S audit, Gap Analysis, etc.
• Environmental and Social Surveys & Monitoring
• Preparation and implementation of Environmental and Social Management Plans, Environmental Social Management Framework, Environmental Social Management Systems (ESMS), HSMS, labor, etc.
• Biodiversity Management Plans, Biological Restoration Plans, Biodiversity offset Strategies
• Environmental monitoring: biodiversity, air, water, noise, land, etc.
• Specific environmental studies: biodiversity, water, soil, air, land, etc.;
• Capacity Building on E&S aspects to comply with international standards
• Cultural Heritage Assessments, Management Plans, Pre and Post-Construction Surveys, and Monitoring
• Water and Wastewater Management
• Waste Management (Surveying and Planning)

Land Management and Cadaster

• Land Management, Land Acquisition &
• Resettlement Plan and Framework (LARP and LARF)
• Right of Way Services (RoW)
• Forestry
• Cadaster Services
• Study on Compensation Values
• Asset Inventory and Evaluation
• GIS Mapping & Geodatabases
• Aerial and Terrestrial Surveying: Lidar and drone survey
• Bathymetry and photogrammetry
• Web GIS app
• 3 in 1 Data Model Development and Technical Support

Architecture & Permitting

• Urban Master Planning
• Programming, Pre-Design Consulting, Schematic Design
• Concept Design Development, Design Development
• Consultancy and Design Restauration of Historical Sites & Buildings
• Interior Design and Furniture/Artwork Selection
• Project Management, Contractor Selection
• Sustainable Design Evaluation
• Budget Management, Real Estate estimation
• Evaluation and Certification of Project Due Diligence & Monitoring of work In Progress for Real Estate Development.
• Guidance on Permit Issues
• Assistance during the Legal Analysis of permitting process
• Support for secondary permits and approvals
• Technical Review of the permit application
• Preparation for and packaging construction permit
• Assist with the interface, and align with authorities


• Civil Works, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Design
• Health and Safety
• Cost Estimation
• Design Validation (Legal Requirement)
• Permit and Regulatory Compliance Management
• Quality Management
• Risk Management
• Project Controls
• Contract Administration
• Procurement Support
• Construction Supervision
• Interface Management
• Testing, Commissioning, and Maintenance
• Full Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services (EPC)

Operations & Maintenance

• Building/Structure Commissioning
• Maintenance Plans
• Repair, rehabilitation, and restoration
• Additional construction management and supervision
• Electrical and Mechanical Systems Maintenance Services
• Fire and Gas Systems Maintenance Services
• General Industry Maintenance Services
• Environmental & Social Audit
• Environmental & Social Management Plans
• Health & Safety Management & Compliance
• Cadastral Review
• Late Stages Land Management Services

Management Consultancy

• Strategy Development and Planning
• Strategy Implementation
• Support in taking the strategic investor status
• Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
• Market Studies
• Portfolio Risk Assessment
• Company Restructuring
• Process Reengineering
• Concessions and PPPs
• Capacity Building
• Detailed Design for the New Port of Durres in Porto Romano

International certificates:

Abkons has become an innovative force in the Albanian market, keeping up the best standards of client care. At every step of the way, we ensure we benefit our clients by combining deep local knowledge service with the highest global standards of business, and by maintaining the quality and depth of resources.

Our business philosophy goes beyond traditional consultancy and includes additional services like procurement, contract settlement and project supervision, making Abkons your One-Stop Shop for sustainable and reliable consultancy in the Albanian market.

In accordance with RINA guidelines to ensure quality management and standardized procedures, Abkons has acquired a full ISO Certificate Portfolio, which includes:

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System

ISO 50001:2018

Energy Management System

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management System

BS PAS 99:2012

Integrated Management System

ISO 45001:2018

Health & Safety Management System

Professional licenses:

Environmental Impact & Auditing

Cultural Heritage

Design, Supervision & Commissioning

Property Evaluation

Topographic Work & Survey

Vocational Education and Training in Tourism and Hosting and Information Technology etc