Environmental, Social and Cultural Heritage

Our Environmental, Social, and Cultural Heritage services assist our clients from the public and private sectors meet the highest standards, ensuring sustainable development that is embraced by the communities affected.

We work very closely with all our clients in order to guarantee compliance with the highest environmental and social standards in all their projects, throughout the business cycle. Abkons has been instrumental in guaranteeing the success of some of the most ambitious energy, infrastructure, construction, mining, and construction projects in Albania and the region. Our environmental and social impact assessments, our engagement of stakeholders and communities, are the gold standard for businesses and have facilitated their crediting and financing by IFIs, while at the same time establishing a model that has deeply influenced institutional and legislative reforms in Albania in these areas.

Besides its work on environmental and social issues, Abkons is one of the best regional providers of expertise and support in issues related to the preservation of cultural and historical heritage.


  • ESIA/EIA and additional studies, Critical Habitat Assessment, Appropriate Assessment, etc.
  • Environmental and social Due diligence, E&S audit, Gap Analysis, etc.
  • Environmental and Social Surveys & Monitoring 
  • Preparation and implementation of Environmental and Social Management Plans, Environmental Social Management Framework, Environmental Social Management Systems (ESMS), HSMS, labor, etc.
  • Biodiversity Management Plans, Biological Restoration Plans, Biodiversity offset Strategies
  • Environmental monitoring: biodiversity, air, water, noise, land, etc.
  • Specific environmental studies: biodiversity, water, soil, air, land, etc.; 
  • Air, Soil, Water, Noise Modeling, etc. 
  • Capacity Building on E&S aspects to comply with international standards

Cultural Heritage

  • Heritage Statements
  • Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA)
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Cultural Heritage Chapters
  • Historic Environment Desk-Based Assessment
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP)
  • Written Schemes of Investigation (WSI)
  • Archaeological Evaluation
  • Archaeological Monitoring and Watching Brief
  • Archaeological Excavation
  • Archaeological Fieldwalking / Walkover Surveys
  • Archaeological Post Excavation Assessment,
  • Analysis, and Reporting


  • Socioeconomic Studies for ESIA and Monitoring
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Public Consultations
  • Archive & Grievance Management
  • Socioeconomic Surveys
  • Social Due Diligence

Flagship projects:

Social and Environmental Impact Assessment for the Vetrozelena Wind Farm

CWP Global

Preliminary Environmental and Social Assessment for Karavasta Solar Park (140 MW) in Albania

Voltalia S.A

River Basin Management Plan in JV with Deltares, Kosovo


Cataloging, preservation, archiving and reporting of archaeological findings during the TAP pipeline construction

Tap AG

Sustainable and Eco-Tourism Programme - National and Regional Roads Project

Albanian Development Fund, EBRD

ESHIA, Environmental Permit Amendment and Abandonment Plan for Molisht 1/2, Shpirag 2/4, 3, 5 wells

Shell Upstream Albania BV

Preparation of Environmental and Social Implementation Plans, and Cultural Heritage Excavation

Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Strategy

The World Bank, Albanian Ministry of Environment (MoE)

ESIA preparation for Karavasta Solar Power Plant 140 MW


Archaeological Field Survey for Devoll Hydropower Project

Devoll Hydropower Sh.a, Statkraft

Technical Assistance for Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems for selected cities/region of Albania


Green City Action Plan Tirana

EBRD, ARUP, Grant Thornton