Community Support:

Social responsibility is in our DNA, as it makes for the local part in our dichotomy of Local Knowledge-Global Standards.

You cannot build local projects without understanding the local context. And you cannot understand the local context without understanding the local people. We are dedicated to serving both our partners’ projects and also the communities in which we operate, ensuring societal value is always created. It is by giving them back that we have already gained the support of all the communities. This is crucial, as it means that we can keep things rolling, while also being able to offer an actual contribution.

Sustainable development

A pioneer in acting sustainably, Abkons is an industry leader when it comes to providing long-lasting solutions tailored to each project. We integrate sustainability in all work practices in all our fields of expertise. We have realized that solutions aren’t effective if they are not thought of as permanent.

Be it in the management of natural resources, be it in engineering design, land management, rural development, be it in archaeological preservation plans, or management consultancy, sustainability is an integral part of our expertise and we make sure to hire only experts who stay much aware of the future.


Our Green Agenda

Social responsibility is in our DNA, as it makes for the local part in our dichotomy of Local Knowledge-Global Standards.

Our environmental experts have chosen to dedicate their lives to promoting the protection of biodiversity, sustainable management of water and forests, and overall, risk reduction to our health. We have recognized very early the potential that a green approach can represent for the regional economy.
Abkons has managed to become the partner of choice in major development projects and projects with a focus on the management of natural resources. We have been instrumental in the designing and implementation of greenification strategies and plans. Expanding our green engagement is the key driver for our green agenda.

Green City Action Plan for the Municipality of Bishkek

Now, our experience in sustainable green development will also contribute to greenifying an Asian capital. GCAP in Bishkek will identify the environmental challenges and design the proper measures to address them. This project also marks the beginning of our partnership with NTT Data Consulting, a top 6 global business and IT services provider. The project is part of EBRD Green Cities, a programme that aims to support cities’ transition to green, low-carbon, and resilient futures.

Green City Action Plan Tirana

The Green City Action Plan set out a concrete course of action for Tirana, tackling the most urgent problems faced by its population. Abkons provided local technical information input, information on the existing situation in the city of Tirana, gathering data on project indicators, local support in defining the Green City action plan and policies, and client support in stakeholder engagement and awareness campaigns.